[text reads: 'Pink Bloc 4 Afrin' - on the flag. And 'Intl Pink Bloc Solidarity with Afrin' below.]

Under the banner of International Pink Bloc Solidarity with Afrin, we are holding a fundraiser to contribute to the call out for international solidarity with the people of #Afrin, #Rojava, who have been forced to flee their peaceful homes after Turkey's fascist invasion & destruction of the canton in Northern Syria.

We have two items for sale, all proceeds (after printing & posting costs) will be donated to Si Amo Afrin (We Are Afrin), a grass roots campaign set up to collect urgent funds for food, water, shelter & medicine.

Our target is to raise $1000+ by June 2, 2018.
Si Amo Afrin target is 200,000 euros.

If you're part of a collective or group of friends, get involved in fundraising efforts! If you want to collaborate with us to raise more $$$ for Afrin, PM us! And buy our rad stuff. 

'It's estimated that around 450,000 people fled from their homes. The displaced are currently living in the open air, without food, water and milk formula for babies. Illnesses like tuberculosis and leishmania are spreading fast, and there is a lack medical supplies.' https://www.retedeldono.it/it/progetti/gus/siamoafrin

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